Essential Packaging Supplies for Your Shipping Department

The simplest way to determine which packaging supplies are needed in your shipping department is to track each product through the steps taken on its way out the door. By evaluating end line products, you can identify any protective measures needed to keep products intact during shipping, while maintaining accurate inventory records. Shipping department inefficiencies More»


The average retail shopper has a fairly basic idea of what goes on in the receiving rooms that are hidden behind those mysterious “employees only” doors: a couple burly workers armed with box cutters and knee-deep in piles of packing peanuts, endlessly sorting product onto carts and backstock shelves. Anyone who’s actually worked in a More»


Getting your product into your customers’ hands is not just a matter of tossing it in a box and waiting for the courier to whisk it away. While it’s in no way a complex task to properly seal and label packages, paying attention to each step can help ensure that your shipment is delivered to More»