How to Reduce Your Costs With Packaging Supplies

Using a heavy wooden crate to ship a pair of contact lenses would obviously be a ludicrous waste of money, but you may be surprised at how other shipping inefficiencies add up over time. Many companies are unaware of just how much wasteful spending occurs within their shipping department. Identifying the right packaging supplies for More»

Corrugated Mailers Are Ideal For Home-Based Businesses

Working a home-based business requires dedication, hard work and the ability to save money wherever possible. If what you do involves mailing products to customers, corrugated mailers are a reliable and cost-effective way to meet that need. Designed For Protection And Easy Use The best thing about corrugated mailers is that they will protect whatever More»

Stretch Film Can Save Your Furniture During Moving

Moving out of one home and into another can be an exciting time. It can also be stressful, especially when it comes to moving expensive items like furniture which can be expensive to replace if damaged during the move. One way to help keep your furniture damage-free is to wrap it with stretch film, also More»


If you think a polyethylene bag is just a plastic sandwich bag, think again! Today’s poly bags, as they are technically called, come with a wide range of features that make them adaptable for much more than food – making them a can’t-live-without item for every home. Types Of Poly Bags Gusseted poly bags have More»

Cost Effective “Moving Boxes” and Where to Get Them

Sorting your belongings into piles and packaging them up can make you realize that your stuff takes up far more room than you’d anticipated, and the process of getting it all from one place to another can require loads (literally) of boxes. George Carlin famously reduced modern adult living to the quest to find “a More»